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Price of ETH has risen from its recent lowest of $200 to $317 and is steadily rising from that level. BTC is also maintaining its price level at $2,555.00, while LTC has maintained a value above $40.

I believe that if no sudden negative cryptocurrency events occur, the value of the three should continue its slow upward trend – maintaining a balanced level of price increase.

The good news of it all is that June ended with stable prices for the top three cryptocurrencies.

On a personal note, due to the price drops, I was able to learn and become a novice cryptocurrencies trader in a span of two weeks. I opened a bittrex account last June 25, lost about $200 worth of BTC due to a lot of downtrends and a couple of wrong trading decisions.. but in the last few days, I learned how to understand enough so as to sell at a profit – albeit small ($34.05). On top of that earnings is my newfound passion and newly learned skill, which I gauge to cost more than $166.

Check out the attached article to find out what I’ve just read earlier.


Source: Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bear Run Shows No Decrease in Momentum